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eye screeningOur patients receive good eye care services at the hands of expert ophthalmologists, well-trained nurses, and medical assistants. Services offered for the patients ranging from routine eye examinations to specialized diagnosis and treatment. Many patients travel far distances to reach our hospital in order for receiving eye care unavailable in their areas.

The expert ophthalmologists of Makka Eye Hospital render all basic eye treatment services like refractive errors, more commonly known as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia to the patients.   Refractive errors occur when the shape of the eye prevents light from focusing directly on the retina. The length of the eyeball (either longer or shorter), changes in the shape of the cornea, or aging of the lens can cause refractive errors. Most people have one or more of these conditions.

Patients with cataracts, which often develop slowly and can affect one or both eyes, also receive adequate treatment at our hospital. Patients with cataract may experience  blurry vision, may face trouble with bright light, problem with seeing  at night, and may see halos around light and colors could appear faded to him.  No matter what eye problem they face, Makka Eye Hospital is an Ideal place for diagnosing and addressing the problem.


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      My name is Khorshed. My father’s name is himmat Ali. I belong to misekara village in Tangail district. I am 80-year-old and I had cataract in both eyes. I heard that Al-Basar International Foundation does operation for free. First I did operation in one eye at one of its charity camp, then I did surgery of other eye in their another camp. […]

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